You’ve found your way to this strange little corner of the internet, because you’re asking yourself something.  What is it?

If you’re like many of my clients, you probably have a sense of not recognizing something within yourself.  You probably have one of those nagging notions that there is something you AREN’T SEEING.

My job is to help you find it and listen to it.

It’s a pretty good job.

How it Works:

There are two stories within you about any topic.  The first you are very familiar with.  This is the story you tell in your conscious mind.  It includes reasons, thought-out decisions, and your conscious mind.

The second story is your embodied story.  It is literally your embodied intelligence.

Sometimes these two stories get really far apart.

I help people integrate these stories to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Structure of a Session:

Sessions last 90 minutes by video chat.

We start by checking in how you are feeling, what you are thinking about, and how you are literally sensing your body.

I view all change in terms of organic life.  This means that change is the process of growing into something.  Sometimes this is free to happen very quickly, and other times it can take a long time.

We identify which direction you wish you change, and then we look at the embodied sense of the issue.  For instance, if you want to change jobs but are terrified to do it, and therefore never do, we would look at the nature of that fear.  How does it literally arise?  What does it feel like?  What do you think when you feel it?  Can you stay grounded, present, and confident as you feel it?  What associations do we make with that specific feeling?  From there we simply watch as the possibility of something new arises.  This newness arises from the very act of observation.  By observing, we think of something as a possibility, which creates the potential for a different possibility.  We are able therefore to exhibit a consciousness towards how we direct the very natural direction of organic growth.

The work is an examination of the embodied metaphors and structures of our own consciousness.  By looking at the ways we make decisions — not only the rational ones, but also the emotional ones — we are enabled to observe the mechanisms driving us in particular ways.  From there it is possible to examine our actions/ growth/ movement and assess whether it is the decision we still wish to choose.

The body learns patterns through its behavioral history.  As surroundings change, a response pattern that was once needed may become unnecessary, or the opposite can also happen.  It’s the hypothesis of this work that much of human unhappiness comes from people being ‘out of tune’ with what is needed.  The work asks the question: how then shall we live?

Given the realities of how you feel, and what your body is telling you about any situation, what will you decide to do?  As we observe our old reactionary patterns, we give rise to the birth of new possibility.  But the real question is how to live this new possibility as an embodied act.  We try to attain this by listening to the structure and messages of our physical selves, honoring what is heard, and more deeply aligning with our innate values.

When we work with the body, we approach it with silent listening, giving ourselves permission to move in ways even if we feel inhibited, by observing and making sense of our emotions, by considering deeply what we think and feel to be the best options in our lives.  Through this focused introspective time, which is largely experienced as a felt-thinking-embodied act, people tend to find themselves more adept at handling their own response patterns.  They embody new possibility and change.

People become more motivated to pursue their natural inclinations, more trusting of the small voice in the back of their mind that helps them make decisions, and more able to enjoy the process of living an embodied existence — understanding the rise and fall of movement-emotion-thought as a necessity of our existence.  The process helps people become more grounded in their own existence.

Booking a session is easy.  You can choose a time slot that works for you at the bottom of the page, and then pay.

What do we do?

The “doing” is pretty simple.  We talk.  We feel.  We imagine.  We share.  We move a little bit.  The real question is how are we “being”?  And if we increase the focus on “being,” how do we gain insight into our particular problem?

Below you can watch a 21 minute video where I will walk you through an exercise to feel and listen to your heart.  This is the sort of work that I do and recommend, shown through simple physical movements and questioning:

What people are saying:

Jonathan is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met, with how the body works… Chris E.

You created a safe space for emotions and experiences. Your acknowledgement that people have many experiences and your explicit permission for each of us to take care of ourselves made it clear that emotions were valid and safe. -Sally M.

My experience of Jonathan as a healer is one of gratitude and awe. It seems that he always knows where my body needs to be nudging, where my thoughts need to be questioned, and when I most need encouragement. If you have an opportunity to work with Jonathan, soak it up! Your body, mind, and soul will delight. -Karissa L.

My sessions have always been a delight. When I listen to my body I get in tune with my deeper thoughts. – Henry H.

I never knew how my emotions present themselves in my physical body. It’s so powerful to listen! Thank you… -Joel S.

While working with you, my work and family life has changed. I’ve been able to acknowledge my needs and desires and express them to those around me. I didn’t even know how unclear I was being, until I felt my body as me. -Susan F.

This work has been amazing. I get clear, and feel my body and then I just know what I need to do. Instead of wasting time thinking about it, I’m changing my life. Thank you so much! -Frances K.

Talking with my body has been so simple and powerful. I don’t know what I would do without it… -David D.

I feel more confident… Bobby D.

I’m amazed at how much intelligence my body has about things I thought it never cared about… Melinda D.

Within a few weeks my relationship was on a completely new track. We are more intimate and sharing more than we have in years. Just by feeling what I really need and honoring it, the change seems to happen on its own. -Tammy D.

Why don’t they teach this in school…? -Steven P.

Jonathan helped me to find what I really felt about my long-term relationship. I always knew how I felt somewhere inside.  His quiet inquiry and way of returning to the body helped me get comfortable hearing its message…Wendy M.

The sessions showed me that I can see and understand how I feel by listening to the feelings my body sends me and by imagining what it wants to tell me. I understood that it’s a dialogue between my mind and my body that won’t balance if I won’t make a peace between those two parts of myself. To improve this I would need to practice it in a daily basis and don’t neglect it.Magdalena S.

I felt really good about the privacy of the session. Even though we don’t know each other too much I felt comfortable to tell him stories I wouldn’t say to most people. –Gerry S.

What to Think About Before A Session

I hope you can be clear and motivated within yourself when we get on the phone.  You can start by asking yourself: What do you have to change?  What is most pressing you in your life?

Do you struggle with a lack of clarity or indecision…

Stagnation that keeps you from initiating change in your life…

Silent lies you tell yourself…

How long have you been frustrated by your problem?  How long has it been since you’ve taken action to change it?

Do you want support to gently move you along?

What pains will haunt you if you do nothing?

This work will introduce yourself to your embodied story: the intelligence behind all your thinking, what your body knows and acts upon.  By listening to that intelligence, we honor it, we create space for it, and it nourishes us with energy, motivation, clearer thought, sometimes strong emotion, feelings of connection, power, care, love, and support.

Your life is about your feeling.

How are you doing?

Is your worded answer the same as your felt answer?

Be honest.

Have you ever said, “Oh I’m fine.  I’m happy.  I’m great….”  While all the time, something inside is saying, “ehhhh….”  We listen to the “ehh…,” and really hear what it’s trying to tell you.  By listening to the message, you free yourself up to claim your own energy, vitality, and connection to your own life force.

About Jonathan

Jonathan has been studying movement dynamics and neurological reprogramming for many years.  He is passionate about the power of embodiment, and seeks to facilitate experiences that are powerful, non-authoritative, and effective for people to more fully be and feel themselves.

His aims to share with clarity and room to experience your own organismic process.

His movement study has been in relation with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Brenda Russell (Dancemode), Mary Abrams (Moving Body Resources), Eric Franklin (Franklin Method), Zhenzan Dao (MogaDao), Victor Van Kooten (Victor & Angela), Irene Dowd, Liz Koch, Gil Hedley, Andre Bernard, Morihei Ueshiba, Rumi, Hafez, Chuang Tsu, and others.

What (other) people are saying:

Jonathan helped me sort out feelings and confusion in my life that was years old. I think a part of me knew I was ready to change things when I met him, and he gave me just the right encouragement. -Jim B

I never feel pressured… -Gail N

My life has completely changed since I started these sessions… -Florence V

I’ve been a yoga teacher for over 15 years, and I can’t believe some of the messages, stories, and process that I have found in my body and mind working in this way. I found issues in my life I wasn’t acknowledging, undeniably through my feelings. Jonathan helped me work with this stuff from a holistic perspective that I can use in my personal life and classes. I no longer think about practicing movement, but think about practicing myself. -Cindy E

Where would I be without this work? Thank you! -John D

Jonathan is one of those rare movement teachers who might actually be close to being fully embodied. His class on connecting to my L5/S1 joint can only be described as revolutionary. After years of dance training that told me to tuck my pelvis forward and engage my core, effectively freezing my low back from doing the kind of movement it naturally wants to, his guidance and visualization techniques left me permanently changed; a process I continue in months later. In the few sessions I’ve had with Jonathan I’ve experienced a liberation of my body’s mobility that 16 years of dancing has never witnessed. His ability to access and free anatomy demonstrates a learned and intuitive intelligence that is sorely needed in the embodiment world. -Wren L


90 Minute Body Whispering Session


We will schedule a time that works for both of us, after you pay.