Learn to Partner Dance to Electronic & Modern Music



Classes for all people. You might be in a partner dance scene, into contact improvisation, or ecstatic dance.  You might like to groove out at a bar or just be weird on your own. You might rock out with your sweetie in the living room, or you might take every class you can find.  The only requirement of this class is that you be somewhat comfortable dancing.  We cover basic patterns and steps every class, but we focus more deeply on movement patterns in the body, how we feel momentum, grounding and other forces.  Ultimately this leads us to an exploration of how we feel one another.

Because we focus on the body as primary, we develop a state of centered embodiment.  From this state we allow our lead/ follow relationship to emerge between equal voices.  What we find in beginning this process is a partnered connection in which we are free to groove, jam, play, rock out, express and connect with intimacy and integrity.  We find clear lead and follow with one another without force or coercion.

So if you want to get in touch with what someone wants, likes, and prefers…

If you want to move confidently and connect deeply in a community…

If you want to listen to your body and feel other bodies…

If you value experiences that arise as magical moments and feel exciting, new, and interesting…

This is what we are approaching.


Through the dance, we embody questions.  We ask ourselves in moving partnership: What is happening in your partnership?  Can you feel magic between people?  Can you interpret the embodied language of who you are and who you are with?  Can you drop into yourself, and make room for anything to happen?  Can you allow music to travel within and about you?  Do you know how muscles and bones move?  Can you use momentum, grounding, and tone to create motion?  Are you comfortable with your posture?  Can every dance be a creative exploration within a subtly spoken conversation?  Do you feel free to move closer or further apart from one another?  Can you communicate?  Do you make agreements?  What agreements do you make?  Can you trust and respond to one another?  Do you speak your mind?  Can you hear others?  Do they feel heard?  What is community, and how can we be responsible in it?

This is what we practice in class.


The curriculum and pedagogy are rooted in neurological theory of how our bodies and minds work together to create experience.  We explore every option to become better dancing, better communicating, better loving, more ethical and respectful members of the human community.  We practice this ideal on the dance floor — with every dance we have.  We model for one another.  We learn and grow together.  We create the world as we see fit.  We give ourselves space to practice and time to begin.

We welcome all people, body types, genders and expressions.  We welcome all beliefs, explorations, and communications.  We do this because we believe this is how the world should be.  We seek to empower beings to be beings in their myriad ways.


What People are Saying:

Jonathan Janis is one of those rare movement teachers who might actually be close to being fully embodied. His class on connecting to my L5/S1 joint can only be described as revolutionary. After years of dance training that told me to tuck my pelvis forward and engage my core, effectively freezing my low back from doing the kind of movement it naturally wants to, his guidance and visualization techniques left me permanently changed; a process I continue in months later. In the few sessions I’ve had with Jonathan I’ve experienced a liberation of my body’s mobility that 16 years of dancing has never witnessed. His ability to access and free anatomy demonstrates a learned and intuitive intelligence that is sorely needed in the embodiment world. Wren LaFeet, Creator of Cocréa, TEDx Speaker

I learned a lot about dancing, but also how my body works… how to move from your core, how to effortlessly move around, and understand that energy… Kevin C.

I learned to tango with Jonathan.  Jonathan taught me that I could dance, and at 72 years old I wasn’t sure I could…” Marilyn H.

Jonathan is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met, with how the body works… Chris E.

His way of teaching is more holistic, and it’s about listening to your body.  With visualizations, you are more aware of how your movements are caused by the actions of the muscles and body parts. Paolo P.

Jonathan is a unique person and very interesting to work and dance with.  I think part of that is because he understands how the body works.  He is good with not only the dance moves, but he can put together anatomy and physiology.  He’s a great teacher. John H.

You combined practical examples from the skeleton and vivid images in a way that appealed to both a curious scientist and a playful child…You created a safe space for emotions and experiences. Your acknowledgement that people have many experiences and your explicit permission for each of us to take care of ourselves made it clear that emotions were valid and safe… Your language encouraged freedom and play! My nerve endings are excited and my spine felt invited and inspired to be curious and joyfully buoyant. Emily P.



Quantum Fusion 6 Months Quantum Fusion Private Lesson Weekly Recurring Private Lesson
Time & Date: Tuesdays 7:30 – 9:30pm

232 SE Oak St. Portland, OR Suite 404

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Price: $15 $200 $125 $400/ month

(3 month commitment)

Bring a New Friend, and You Both Come Free… Every Week.



Come with or without a partner.  You may dance with one person or many.  Come to explore and grow in movement, intimacy, dance, and embodiment. (It’s not a pick-up scene.)  At all times, strive to be aware of your body language and interest, and consider whether your offer, request, or influence is welcome.  Strive to be a better community member, and allow connections to arise naturally.  Respect requests for space and specific needs from people.    Sit with occasional discomfort.  Listen to a being’s presence and expression.  Live healthy relationship.  Welcome all bodies, expressions, and thought.  Grow together.



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